My first photographic experience began with my tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969-70.  I used an old Argus 35mm camera to produce all of the photos and the cover shot that would in 2008 become part of my book, The Ghosts of Thua Thien.  The book was published by McFarland  & Company and is available from McFarland Publishers or Amazon.Com.  The photos that I have included in my Vietnam Gallery are there for historical interest, not because of photographic excellence.  Recently McFarland Publishers released 'Nam Raw, a collection of excerpts from 24 Vietnam war combat memoirs.  My memoir was included.  

Much of my photographic inspiration comes from several famous photographers:  Frans Lanting, Tom Mangelsen, John Shaw, and Art Wolfe.  I am also inspired by the many fine photographers published in National Geographic and from several excellent South African wildlife photographers including Andrew Schoeman, Fanus Weldhagen, Wim van den Heever, and David Lloyd. Wildlife and natural landscapes are my main interests but I also enjoy travel and aesthetic black and white photography.

I am an ardent conservationist and support the World Wildlife Fund, African Wildlife Foundation, and Panthera.  Please be aware of the unprecedented levels of habitat loss and poaching that is occurring all over the globe but particularly in Africa.  Without the help of photographers and other interested people many of the species we love will become extinct within our lifetimes.  Please support the wildlife organization of your choice if you can.  Together, we can make a diffference.

SAFARI -- Linda and I have just booked another photo safari to South Africa with Tusk Photo (  We will be staying at Elephant Plains Game Lodge ( in the Sabi Sands Reserve which is adjacent to Kruger National Park.  We highly recommend both Tusk Photo and Elephant Plains Game Lodge for great accomodations, excellent cuisine, and superb photo instruction and game drives.

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